Transmission of the Sadhana of Kindness

with Acharya Moh Hardin

November 9th (2018)

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    Friday, November 9 7pm to 8:30 pm

    Transmission of the Sadhana of Kindness by Acharya Moh Hardin

    The Sadhana of Kindness was composed by Kongma Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche during two retreats—in Pharping, Nepal in November 2015, and in Kalapa Valley, Nova Scotia in 2017. 
     sadhana, or “means of accomplishment,” is a liturgy that accomplishes its aim—in this case, for kindness to fearlessly create enlightened society. The Sadhana of Kindness is designed to foster this in a variety of ways. It can be used in Shambhala Centers as a monthly or weekly group practice, as part of group retreats, at community gatherings, and as a center-based response to situations needing compassion and kindness. It can also be practiced individually after one has received the reading transmission, or lung, of the sadhana. 
    Registration is not required and there is no cost. Limited copies of the Sadhana will be available for purchase at 6:30 on Friday, November 9.  You can email Carol at [email protected] to say you want to purchase a copy.