Shambahala Day Potluck and Video

February 10th

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    Shambhala Day, the Tibetan New Year Celebration - Potluck and Video on:
    Sunday February 10th immediately after our regular sitting.

    I think we all can agree that 2018 was a turbulent year indeed!

    It looks like the Year of The Earth Boar may offer some relief as the Pig (Boar) is a benevolent symbol so all good will and motivations will be renewed and strengthened, while negative intentions and actions will be ignored or shunned unless we’re forced into dealing with them. Pig (boar) supports manifestation through strategic vision and business skills and promotes happiness and responsibility, attachment to healthy family, and a good work life balance.

    Come and join us on Sunday February 10th. Contact Alison if you have any questions at: 

    [email protected] 

    See you then!