Sunday Morning Meditation

August 25th

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    Come and join the group for sitting meditation practice at any time. We generally alternate 25 mins of sitting meditation with 10 mins of walking. Below is the current schedule:



    Sunday Schedule


    10:00      Morning Chants (Chants are open to anyone but one should enter only before or after chants)

    10:15    Sitting Meditation

    10:25    Walking Meditation

    10:35    Sitting Meditation

    11:00    Walking Meditation

    11:10    Tonglen/Sitting Meditation   (Tonglen?  To learn more visit

    11:35   Walking Meditation

    11:45   A Reading                               

    12:00   Dedicate Merit


    When to arrive:   If you wish to attend morning chants please arrive for 10:00.  After this time entering or departing from the shrine room is best done during the walking periods. The door is usually ajar during these times.   But if you arrive just after a sitting has started you may certainly enter quietly, place your cushion, and begin.