February 23rd

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    Open to everyone and starting just after the regular Sunday morning group meditation. 

    This is an opportunity for members of our community to share our experience and questions about the path of Meditation, the path of Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha).  We will follow the guidelines for a Talking Circle, which is the practice of listening fully and respectfully to what others have to say, and speaking spontaneously from our heart, from our own experience, when we hold the talking stick for our own turn.

    Each week, one of us will start by speaking about our own experience of the Dharma and how it has affected our life.  Some of the questions for us to ask ourselves might be: 

    • What drew us to meditation? 
    • What was happening in our life at that time?
    • What spoke to us in the teaching we heard? How has it influenced or changed our life? 
    • What has been of most benefit?  What has been confusing?
    • How has the dharma mixed with our daily life?

    After this person has spoken, we will pass the talking stick to others who want to share thoughts that have come up for them in hearing what the speaker had to say.

    What Christine Heming says about the Circle:
    "The essence of dialogue is to explore a topic with others in order to gain some deeper understanding as well as deeper questioning.  It is not about coming to any final conclusion. It is the practice of remaining open to all contributions and continually inquisitive.  It is a real practice as we have a tendency to want to find “the answer” or solution to what perplexes".